Washer And Dryer In One


•    The first and the foremost benefit this kind of a washer drier combo provides with, is that it requires lesser space. Today when nuclear homes are so rampant, the sizes of houses are decreasing. Therefore appliances which take up lesser area are a boon. They can easily fit into the top a counter, saving a lot of floor space. The spare space can be used for the beautification and ornamentation of the house.

•    These machines come in versatile settings. One may choose a top loading or a front loading machine, as per their need.

•    In case the washing room is the internal part of the house or the building where draining is not possible, these machines can store the water for later draining. The machine has a condenser through which the water evaporates in the machine itself. Later, the water can be vented, as per the convenience of the user.

Washer And Dryer In One•    Leading appliance manufacturing companies are building some very good washer and dryer in one, washing machine. They come with different price tags and with different wash loading capacities.

•    They can be bought online, but it is advisable to buy them after speculating its settings and features thoroughly. Reading feedbacks from users is an ideal thing to do before purchasing such an appliance.

Why choose a washer and dryer in one over normal washing machines?

These machines are very durable and last well past their warranty period. One must make sure that, in case the machine starts to malfunction, a trained appliance engineer or mechanic needs to be called in. Manhandling the machine or using it with negligence can lead to the machine being spoilt. Most companies offer assistance during malfunction even after the expiry of the warranty period.

The best advantage is of a Washer And Dryer In One is that, once the clothes are washed and cleaned, they can instantly be dried. For those houses with lesser space for drying clothes on the clothesline, this kind of a machine is an absolute must.

It uses less electricity which obviously saves a lot of money. Financial awareness is very common in most households these days. Saving on electricity bills can be very beneficial in the long run.  Another thing which saves money, is not buying an additional clothes drier, along with the machine. A washer and drier in one, is a single machine which not only saves a lot space but also saves money.

Since it save electricity, it most definitely is eco-friendly. It also uses lesser water than common washing machines. It helps people in doing their part to save the planet.

There may be people with an opinion that such machines are fragile, however, such a myth is absolutely untrue. It is not necessary that the clothes have to be dried in the machine after the wash. Those people with long clothesline in their houses can simply sun dry the clothes after washing them. Nonetheless, it is important to have a drier at home, in case of an emergency.

Disadvantages: The appliance does not give any such problems, except that one may have to wait for the washing cycle to get over in case he or she wants to add some fabric softener to it. The drum of the machine stays locked when the cycle starts, therefore it cannot be opened, to add additional detergents and fabric softening sheets.

Conclusion:  These minor disadvantages are nothing as compared to the benefits which a Washer And Dryer In One provide. These small problems must not act as a hindrance in buying the appliance. People, who have used such a machine over the years, swear by it and find it very convenient to use. A combo washer-dryer is a utility product which is manufactured by the best appliance companies all over the world. They cost reasonably, and are extremely efficient, with a long life. The vent less factor makes it an even more appealing buy. They are easy to install and even more easy to use.